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NuDirections FM was conceived in July 2021 to explore the ever-changing DNA of Global Underground Music Past & Present. Within 7 months we became a Global Brand. Playing our shows and mixes on more than 24 music platforms, In 55 Countries, with A Global Audience of many thousands.


We are a non pretentious internet-based music streaming service, comprising of music lovers from around the world, who have come together through a mutual love of music exploring the past and present ever-changing DNA of non-mainstream music

Our Music

Weekly shows and mixes, bring together music from many different cultural, ethnic and diverse styles. Music, that's both uncompromising and bold, linking together favourites, standards, experimental, vintage, new, obscure and sometimes challenging music.

Who Listens To Us

NDFM is a global brand that plays music for people who love non-mainstream music on 23 music platforms, playing to a Global Audience of many thousands in 43 countries.

Our People

We are a non-pretentious and non-political platform. The only criteria needed to join us is your love of music and a suitable slot. Regardless of race, location, religion and gender, every person can reach their full potential and have an equal part in the development of NDFM music.

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Our Journey so Far

NuDirections first started as a weekly radio show broadcasting on a community radio station in London early 2020, The response was instant and so overwhelming that NuDirections released shows on Mixcloud, On Mixcloud NuDirections was constantly in the global top 20 shows. In November 2020 NuDirections left community radio and Mixcloud to join Vandelay Radio. Realising, there is potentially a much wider audience NuDirections left Vandelay in early 2021 to become an independent podcaster broadcasting to a global audience of thousands. In July 2021, NuDirections FM was born, following a discussion to change NuDirections into an online music platform, so NuDirections morphed into NuDirections FM with fellow music lovers, who have formed the nucleus of a non-mainstream music service provider. NuDirections FM now releases weekly shows and mixes, bringing together music from many different, cultural, ethnic and diverse styles. The music we play is uncompromising and bold, linking together favourites, standards, experimental, vintage, new, obscure and sometimes challenging music. Always searching for the extreme hard-to-categorize sounds, that has often fallen between the cracks. NuDirections FM is now a Global Brand, on 24 music platforms, playing to a world Audience that is in the many thousands in 49 countries. Please enjoy the music we love

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